Swar - Taal Duo

The swar taal duo on the Indian Classical Musical Horizon with a penchant for perfection and excellence is the promising and musically dedicated pair of Sow. Seema Vishwanath Shirodkar and Shri. Vishwanath Shirodkar.

The uniqueness about their accompaniment is that they are complementary and supplementary to each other and thus their accompaniment enhances the performance of the main artiste without any semblance of imbalance. Here it is a noteworthy fact that Seema is the only female accompanying artist on the Harmonium.

Previously, the accompanying artistes were only supportive and their role was limited to providing the necessary accompaniment, as the artistes of the older generations were quite dominating in their performance. Vocal or Instrumental Indian Classical Music today has reached great heights, due to the revolutionary trends set up by the main artistes, whereby the accompaniment has been challenging, innovative and yet creative thus achieving a harmonious blend of aesthetic and emotive music which takes the ordinary or discerning listener to experience divine and excellent music.

Whenever any main artiste performs, the accompaniment not only follows, but provides valuable inputs spontaneously which when accepted and enhanced results in a beautiful musical dialogue. No wonder then, that the harmonium is also called the “Samavadini”. Percussion support calls not only for maintaining a rhythm, but also gives ample scope for demonstrating the complex rhythmic patterns which are creative, spontaneous and at the same time not at all dominating. The dedication and the years of unstinted practice of artistes leads to percussion or harmonium support which is rich, qualitative and imaginative.

Few words from noted critics

"Full marks are due to the young percussionist Vishwanath Shirodkar and his harmonist wife Seema for the colour and sparkle they brought to their Sangat. It is high time other Instrumental and percussion    accompanists follow their example."
Renowned Music Critic Shri Mohan Nadkarni

"Arati Ankalikar accompanied by Seema & Vishwanath Shirodkar on the harmonium and tabla respectively comprised a youthful and ebullient trio of performers.’'
Music Critic Shri Sumit Savur

"This is a good time for me to mention the tabla and harmonium accompanists, Vishwanath & Seema Shirodkar who supported Ashwini Bhide through out by enriching her movements and contributing to the totality of the musical experience. Special mention goes to Seema who reminded me of Sohanlal Sharma who apart from being brilliant himself used to incessantly provide the main artiste with inspiration, opening the doors to a rich bank of musical possibility. Listening to Seema was a treat!"

Shyamal Sen – Cyber Sangeet review - New Jersey, USA

"The accompanists Vishwanath & Seema Shirodkar added an extra 'punch' to the enticing renditions of Ustad Rashid Khan"
The Hitavada - Nagpur

"Vishwanath's accompaniment on the Tabla and his excellent 'Theka' made one feel rapturous. Seema's accompaniment on the harmonium with creative brilliance set the tone of excellent harmony."
Music Critic - Shri Sadashiv Bakre

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